In our time, no private house is without electricity. Proper installation of wiring in a private home is a complex process that involves several mandatory stages.

This is the development of ideas, the definition of approaches and technical solutions to be used, the creation of a project, the connection of a private house to the grid, the selection of necessary electrical wiring products and materials, wires and cables, protection devices, installation of the ground loop, assembly and installation of the entrance power board, correct execution of contact joints, installation of sockets and switches, connection of various household appliances. Installation of wiring in a private house requires careful execution of all stages.

The "Barchuk" enterprise will perform the electrical work of internal networks on various objects: apartments, houses, offices, industrial facilities and commercial premises.

List of main works:

- Installation of power distribution boards.
- Installation of cable trays.
- Stacking cable and wire products.
- Installation and unloading of distribution and installation boxes.
- Mounting of end elements - switches, sockets, lighting fixtures, etc..
- Installation of decorative LED lighting.
- Installation of elements of "smart home" - twilight sensors, sensors and remote switches, motion sensors, astronomical relays and timers, temperature sensors, command panels.

We also carry out reconstruction of existing internal electric networks.

Our work
Монтаж трансформаторної підстанції 630кВА с. Тростянець, Тиврівського р-н
Монтаж лінії 10кВ с. Дружне
Перевірка трансформаторної підстанції та високовольтне випробування кабелю
Монтаж опори ліній електропередач
Installation of support of transmission lines
Installation of support of transmission lines
Installation of support of transmission lines
Монтаж системи блискавкозахисту с. Стрільники
Встановлення трансформаторної підстанції в місті Бершадь
Перевірка трансформаторної підстанції 35/0,4кВ м. Богуслав