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Such technologies are used only in power grids with a voltage not exceeding 1000 volts, the requirement of PUE Chapter 2.1. In most cases, cable laying on a cable extension is used from buildings or transmission lines to separate structures at short distances. Where the installation of TPP supports or the digging of trenches for cable is not possible from the technical conditions of production in the operation of facilities, or unjustified by the volume of work performed, expensive from a financial point of view.

In production workshops, warehouses, buildings with large areas, high ceilings, for lighting the optimal option is the use of these technologies. Cable tensioners are used for street lighting of certain areas.

For the owners of a private house, this method of posting allows you to get rid of the laborious work of digging the trench. It is easier than a switchboard in the house to extend the cable through the air to the household buildings:

−summer kitchen;
−gazebos with barbecue grill;
−chicken coop;
−baths and other possible buildings in the courtyard of private households.

Crossover wiring allows conducting lightweight three-wire wires for electric consumers of not high power and cables with wires of a large intersection for power supply of powerful home appliances. Before proceeding to the installation of the cable wiring requires preliminary calculations.